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Popular Features. New Releases. Description How often are we urged to "look on the bright side"? From Norman Vincent Peale to the ubiquitous smiley face, optimism has become an essential part of American society. In this long-overdue book, psychologist Julie Norem offers convincing evidence that, for many people, positive thinking is an ineffective strategy- and often an obstacle- for successfully coping with the anxieties and pressures of modern life.

How to Harness the Positive Power of Negative Thinking

Drawing on her own research and many vivid case histories, Norem provides evidence of the powerful benefits of "defensive pessimism," which has helped millions to manage anxiety and perform their best work. About Julie K. Norem Julie K.

Norem, Ph. She lives in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Steven Furtick Sermon ( May 18, 2018 ) - THE POSITIVE POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING – Steven Furtick

Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. If you occupy the mind with depressing and pessimistic thoughts you radiate negative energy into the surrounding world, and therefore, create and recreate more negativity, failures and disasters.

The mind is neutral energy. The way you think determines whether the results are positive and beneficial, or negative and harmful.


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It is the same energy acting in different ways. The good news is that persistent inner work can change habits of thinking. You must be willing to put energy and time to pursue positive thinking, in order to change your mental attitude. The power of negative thinking is quite strong, but with some effort on your part you can overcome it. Negative thinking has a great affect on everyone's life.

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It leads to failure, unhappiness and lack of satisfaction, to worries and to fears. However, there is no reason to let it to affect your life.

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  • You can set yourself free from it by following the tips suggested here and the guidance and advice in the articles and books at this website. The Power of Positive Affirmations Start using the powerful tool of affirmations to realize your dreams and goals, build up positive habits, and to motivate and inspire yourself. Affirmations - Words with Power. Remez Sasson is the author and creator of Success Consciousness website.

    The Positive Power Of Negative Thinking

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